There is great debate within the world of internet marketers whether Xrumer SEO is a damn fine piece of link building equipment or the equivalent of spamming the internet but just one hundred  times faster than a human could do it.

For anyone who needs proof that it is sitting on the borderline than simply take a look at the Xrumer SEO web site which has a link to a Black hat forum. For those that want to know more,  than Xrumer SEO has the ability to post links to blogs and forums all over the internet according to settings that you make.

It will bypass captcha images, and in their very own words, “blast your site to over 250,000 places for a cool 35 dollars.” In the event that an email address is needed, you can also set up this up for confirmation to be done by Xrumer SEO. So basically, you pay 35 dollars and then sit back and watch.

To answer the question of whether using Xrumer SEO will get your site banned from Google, the owners post the following response. “If by using xrumer you could get a site banned from Google, then competitors would xrumer away to get there competition banned, So the answer to this myth is certainly not”.

We do give Xrumer SEO their due however,  as they warn that new sites can find themselves sand boxed by Google due to the speed they are posting at. Xrumer SEO calls itself the most powerful link building tool available today. You decide on whether it is a tool, or a advanced version of spamming.

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