If you are an Internet marketer, you need good writing skills to sell your product effectively. The writing skills need to be constant for email marketing campaigns and instantly eye catching for your landing pages.

There are no second chances.

You are not sitting in a restaurant with a potential client having a two-way discussion. That potential buyer is relying on visual impact to make up his mind. If you lose the buyers train of thought within the first twenty seconds, the odds of them buying your product drastically decrease.

So How You Can Use Your Writing Skills To Sell Your Product Effectively?

Writing Skills to Sell your Product EffectivelyWe will approach this topic in two parts.

Step One – Get Back To Basics

Anyone can publish an article on the Internet, but not everyone can publish an article that instantly captures the attention of the reader. The simplest way to do this is by paying attention to basic skills of writing

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Style

Most people write on word documents, then copy and paste onto their internet publishing system. After you have completed a spell and grammar check, Word shows a small panel and you should pay attention to the last section. It grades your writing

  • Passive sentences – Above 5% and you need to edit.
  • Flesch Reading ease – Below 50 and this is considered inferior text
  • Flesch and Kincaid Grade level – Above 12 and you have failed

More Tips To Enhance Basic Writing Skills

1 – Get rid of glue words. When you are selling a product, you do not need to fluff it up. You need to put thoughts and ideas into that persons head without distracting them from the product they might buy. Glue words are words that can be eliminated and the sentence will still have the same meaning.

Example 1 – “If you buy this product today, I will throw in a bonus tool which will help you to track sales”

 Example 2 – “Buy this product, and receive a free sales tracking tool”

2 – Publish straight away. Close the article and re-read it a day or two later. You are guaranteed to find aspects that need editing. If you struggle to give an independent view of your writing skills, use writing enhancement software.

3 – Break your article up. Use small paragraphs and headings. It is a known fact that most internet users browse upon first glance. Certain keywords that will capture the reader’s attention should be bolded or in a different color. Examples of these words include…

  • Free
  • Bonus
  • Guaranteed
  • Reduced price
  • Top performer
  • Impressive results

Step Two – USP

Most Internet marketers fail because they have not used the basic techniques for selling. Called USP, it is  a unique selling proposition and can be broken down into three parts, action, benefit, and result.

Example “Buy this e-book and receive my insider secrets to making money on the Internet

Action – The customer will buy the e-book

Benefit – They will access your Internet marketing secrets

Result – It will help them to make money from the Internet

Are good writing skills enough to sell a product effectively?

No, however words do 80% of the work for you. The rest of it relies on visual appearance such as pictures, diagrams, and colors.

Do not forget to show the basics like how the customer will pay and receive the product. They want to know their money is well spent.

Walk the customer through the sale, benefits and results by applying the basic writing skills that we learned.