web positionWeb position is for internet marketers that are already established. It does not promise to boost you to number one rankings, instead it promises to give you in depth monthly reports on your  searching engine rankings,  you then can decide on the next course of action.

It is aimed more at companies and not individuals and this is proved by the ability to white label your reports and convert them, to a PDF format ready for sharing with any one in the world. It also promises secure online sharing so a company with many offices around the globe can all have access to the in-depth reports.

Skeptics might say that they can gain free reports from anywhere however Web position is based on drilling down to the basics so that you can see immediately what effect your SEO techniques have on your web position.

Web position offers four versions of its software from the free pilot pack to the Premium unlimited which gives you reports on up to 20 URL’s. It has an easy to use control panel and promises to give you up to date search history for a number of keywords in your niche. Overall a good market player and anyone who is unsure should download the free version first, as this will put your mind at ease and help you to make the decision to upgrade.