Web CEO promises to take you from A to Z when it comes to getting your site top of the SERP rankings. Starting off with finding  a niche, it will then lead you on to analyzing your site and your competitors. Term this with instructions of where and when to promote your site and the ability to maintain it.

WEB CEO are that confident about their product that they actually offer three versions. The free download version with basic abilities, the small biz edition and the professional edition. A one-off payment of 389 dollars will get you the full version and buyers will need to take some time out, to check and use the many features and abilities.

WEB CEOWeb CEO boost that their product is bang on when it comes to the world of internet marketing, and to prove it, they don’t hesitate to let you know that over 752,000 business are using it, of which some are the big brand names.

They offer support angels and training certificates for those that are new to the world of SEO and you will also find the control panel straight forward and easy to use. Web CEO will definitely save you money as employing an expert to do your SEO for you, will set you back thousands of pounds over the space of a year. Overall a good product that gives the buyer confidence in it’s abilities.