Because they can showcase a lot of their work, Youtube is a great way for artists and crafters to promote their art businesses.

Some artists use Youtube to upload slide show type videos to promote their work. After a few weeks, they throw up their hands in disgust and say that the site is worthless. However, these people miss the point of a site like Youtube, which is to connect to and engage with others. Artists who understand the idea behind web 2.0 websites like Youtube have used this free service to create a thriving business.

Use Youtube to Teach Online Tutorials

Creating a few tutorials, either to simply drive traffic to an Etsy shop or an artist’s professional website or to create some buzz for online classes, can really pay off for an artist who is willing and able to invest the time and energy in the videos. There are many artists who develop quite a following of people interested in becoming mixed media artists or improving their techniques. As they became more popular, they began to teach fee-based online classes.

Create Watch the Artist Videos for Youtube

An artist may be under the impression that no one would be interested in staring over his or her shoulder to watch a work in progress. Creating a piece is exciting, but watching someone else do it would be about as exciting as watching paint dry, right? Actually, people do want to watch artists in action. They like to see what tools they use and love getting to sneak a look at the studio space as the artist works.

As they watch the artist in Youtube video after Youtube video, people start to feel like they know that artist. They want to learn more about creating that kind of work or want to own a print of the piece they see the artist make. Why? Perhaps it is because they have invested time in the artist and they feel almost as if they already own the piece.

Tips for Making Youtube Videos That Drive Traffic

Now that artists understand that certain types of Youtube videos can be more effective than others, they are ready to begin creating videos that include the elements that other artists have found to be effective. A good promotional Youtube video will:

  • Show plenty of personality. Artists who seem to really develop a following talk to their viewers as if they are chatting with friends. They laugh, they ask for feedback in a casual manner and they seem sincere.
  • Offer value to the viewer. Learning how to do even the most basic technique can be exciting for someone who is new to the art world, while hearing what inspired an artist to create a piece can make a collector more interested in acquiring it.
  • Provide a way for viewers to find out more. A slide near the end of the video that encourages viewers to shop for prints at the artist’s online shop or tell them where to sign up for an online course turns the video into a free marketing tool.

Once artists move beyond creating dry slide show videos of their work, they will begin to realize that Youtube videos are a great way to promote their businesses and drive traffic to their sites or shops.