world wide internetThe SEO guy, Jeff Johnson, is the creator of The Underground Training Lab, which teaches his members about how to generate more traffic to their websites and how to make more profit from their website visitors. Jeff Johnson is a master when it comes to affiliate marketing.

In the Underground Training Lab., which is a membership based program, members can learn all the latest techniques and tactics that Jeff is personally using himself for success. The membership program normally opened once or twice each year, then closed due to sold out.

In the training Lab, the resources are very informative, intensive, and hands-on that it is guaranteed to teach its members how to make a significant amount of money through internet marketing. Here is what the Underground Training Lab covers:

Module 1: Big Money Module – Think Like Jeff Johnson

Module 2: Fast Traffic – Traffic is the Life blood of the Internet, and This Is How You Get It

Module 3: Make Fast Money With Your New Sites and Blogs

Module 4: Auto-Pilot Content – Let Your Sites Do The Work

Module 5: Make Money With Social Networking Sites

Module 6: Traffic Getting Supercharged Edition

Even though the Underground Training Lab. Com itself, provides tons of useful information and videos about internet marketing for free, by becoming the Diamond Level or Platinum Plus Players Club, members can discover even more resources and tactics that Jeff Johnson never reveals to public.


- Diamond Level membership: USD199/per month, include:

  1. 1. Monthly training modules
  2. 2. Access to member’s forum
  3. 3. Access to live training calls
  4. 4. If pre-pay for 6 months, extra bonuses can be received

-   Platinum Players Club: USD499/ per month, include:

  1. 1. Access to a special forum to speak to Jeff Johnson
  2. 2. Receive bonus training DVD
  3. 3. Access to periodic live seminars