In May 2010, Desmond Ong launched  the new product, Traffic Omega, a complete training on traffic generation. It is a platform where members learn ideas about how to get traffic online month in and month out.

Traffic Omega is a 5 weeks training course. By joining the course, students will get 5 training modules and gain access to 1 module per week. The 5 week modules are:

Week 1: In this module, Desmond provides his students his personal templates and secret tricks of how to build their own persuasive squeeze pages and get huge email lists.

Week 2: This module contains techniques, mindsets, and tutorials on YouTube media buying, YouTube channel buying, lead stealer method, and cheap media buying

Week 3: This module uses the two profitable methods, “product funnel system” and “social media dynamics”, to generate massive traffic.

Week 4: This module reveals how celebrities, politicians, and big companies generate high profits without a website

Week 5: This final module teaches the method about viral buzz marketing while using Traffic Omega’s software script.

Except for the 5 modules, Traffic Omega also teaches about affiliate marketing, list building, and product creation. In these modules, students will get a mix of training materials, such as videos, PDF files, and tutorials.

These files go hand-in-hand with the video training and also contain homework assignments that are critical to each one’s success. Desmond also created a Traffic Omega community where students can get master mind groups exchanging new ideas and techniques.


–  USD497 for this course

–    All buyers of Traffic Omega will also get:

  1. 1. A Traffic Omega Branded T Shirt
  2. 2. Ticket to Live Traffic Omega Seminar Event ($1,500 value)