If you have been studying online marketing for longer than a week or two, you have almost certainly heard the phrase “the money is in the list.” This refers to a list of email subscribers whom are hopefully eagerly waiting for the list owner’s next email; and preferably with their credit cards in hand to purchase the latest product or affiliate offering.

In order to build an email list successfully, you need to attract a healthy number of subscribers. Sending email to the same fifty people is not likely to make you rich. So how do the expert marketers manage to get thousands upon thousands of enthusiastic subscribers to sign up to their lists? The fact is, many use under-the-radar stealth tactics to reach into the subconscious of the prospect and inspire them to enter their email address.

If you have been trying to build an email list without much success, or you are thinking about starting one, do not delay; you can quickly deploy the following tactics on your squeeze page to increase your subscriber conversions today.

Effective List-Builders Ask For Minimal Information

Have you ever been about to surrender your precious email address in return for a free report, to find that they also want to know your full name, your date of birth and also your country of residence? This is asking for way too much information and you would have been likely to either type in false information or clicked the page away. Even having to fill out a name field can be too much trouble for some people. While you may consider having the subscriber’s first name as necessary to personalize the email you send them, make a note of how many of the successful Internet marketing guns only request one form be filled – the all-important email address.

Big-list Owners Don’t Mention The “S” Word

If a new acquaintance asks you where you live and promises not to drop in on you at inconvenient times, what images flash through your mind? The foremost thought will be your doorbell ringing when you have just sat down to eat your evening meal. Unfortunately, although your new pal is most likely extremely well-mannered and has no intention of doing anything that would invade your privacy, the fact that he mentioned it would not make you feel comfortable.

The same goes when underneath your email opt-in form you display something along the lines of “We hate Spam. We will never share, sell, or rent your email address. We will only use your address to send you information and updates about products from Myfantasticcompany.com.”

Marketing tests have shown that placing such a message under an email opt-in form lowers the opt-in rate. It plants negative ideas into the prospect’s mind.

Mega-List Builders Always Edit The “Submit” Button

The dictionary definition of the word “submit” is to give up; hand overpower. Who on earth wants to do that? Be sure to change the text on your submit button to something along the lines of “Send Me My Password to Instant Article Secrets NOW!”

Double Vs Single

The argument continues as to whether building a double opt-in list will bring more benefits compared to a single opt-in list. To double opt-in, a subscriber has to The 7 Tactics of Highly Effective List Buildersconfirm his subscription by clicking on a link sent to them immediately after they have filled in your opt-in form. A single opt-in subscriber simply fills out his email and is redirected to your download or thank-you page without having to confirm.

Those in favor of double opt-ins claim the resulting list is more “streamlined,” and the subscribers are more likely to be genuinely interested in their offer. They also maintain a single opt-in can enter a fake email and have access to your content for free. To combat the possibility of having a list full of bogus email addresses, rather than sending your visitors to a download page, direct them to a thank you page telling them their gift has just been sent to them. That way if they had entered a false address they will have to go back and resubmit a genuine one if they want the information.

Professional marketers will investigate all variables, and many report changing a list from double to single opt-in increases the number of opt-ins by around 30 percent.

The Killer Headline

The offer you are giving away as your ethical bribe in return for an email address should be of value. If you send your new subscriber some old PLR articles from 2005,  that can be found for free all over the net, they are unlikely to want to read about future offers and will quickly unsubscribe. However, you could have the best-written report that contains information of incredible value, but if your headline doesn’t grab your prospect’s attention it may as well be an eBay-purchased 99 cent piece of PLR rehashed information.

Your headline needs to jump through the computer screen and drag your future subscriber and customer into the rest of the squeeze page copy. It needs to tell your reader exactly what your offer can do for the reader. List-building gurus don’t waste precious space describing how impressive their offer is – they know the reader only wants to know what is in it for him.

Examples of headlines which a mega list owner might use to build an email list include:

“For a Very Limited Time You Can Discover 5 Proven Methods to Earn an Easy $100 a Day – For FREE”

“Just Released – A Recent Study Found Drinking Green Tea Not Only Results in Weight Loss, But Also Stimulates Your Sex Drive”

“The Secret the Gurus Have Hidden for Nearly a Decade…Free Underground Traffic Source Drives 1000s of Visitors to Any Site in Just 57 Minutes”

If you can’t think of a clever attention-grabbing headline, just add a few modifications to one that is already out there. Even top copywriters for the gurus regularly refer to a swipe file.

Give It Value

What do you prefer? If given the option of receiving a free gift, or obtaining a $27 gift for free, which one would you choose?

The answer is always the second option, of course. Do as the gurus do and put a price on your freebie. However, don’t insult your prospect by inflating the value to an unbelievable amount. If you say your 4-page report is worth $97, you are likely to turn a subscriber off. A credible price tag is around $17 to $27. Also, be sure to use the phrase “Claim your” somewhere in your copy. This makes the subscriber feel it is already his; he just needs to complete a basic step and take it.

Ditch The Java

If you are using an email sending service such as Aweber or Get Response, once you have set the criteria for your opt-in form, you will be provided with a snippet of java code or a long chunk of HTML code. The java code seems more appealing, as you only need to copy and paste one small line. However, choosing java may result in missing out on a significant number of potential customers, as many web browsers are not configured to recognize java code. Therefore, do as the gurus do, and always select the longer HTML option.

There is a genuine reason that you hear the “money is in the list” expression repeated so often in online marketing circles. An email list that you build yourself from scratch will eventually be worth many times its weight in gold. It is the difference between becoming successful online and falling by the wayside along with millions of other aspiring online entrepreneurs. The sooner you take action, and build an email list, the nearer you will be to eventually experience financial freedom and all the marvelous things in life that come with it.