Sheer SEOSheer SEO software is quite a simple product when you compare it with other SEO software and judging from other reviews, it is on the track to success. Sheer SEO software  is so confident of their product they offer a free 60 day trail.

Sheer SEO admits that all SEO can be done without any software however what it does claim is the ability to save hours of your time. You can check your SERP rankings and record history over a period of time, check and analyze your incoming links, submit your site to numerous directories using their automated software, control your social media presence, and analyze keyword density of that and your competitor.

There are also a lot more other tools, which make it a nifty little package. Sheer SEO are not obviously aiming to be here one day and gone the next, which gives confidence to consumers who have been hot with this tactic by other SEO promoters.

We also like their cheap pricing plans. Gone are the triple figures that appear on other sites. Instead we see a basic plan starting at 7 dollars a month, then there is the agency plan which is for large business and is 199 dollars a month.

All the software is controlled from a user panel which is hosted online, and it is so easy to read, that we figure a novice to SEO will be fully knowledgeable within a couple of weeks.

If you would like to instantly try out the user panel without signing up, submit your website for afree SEO report which will detail popular keywords, your page rank, main referrers and external incoming links among a variety of different data.

Main Features For Sheer SEO

  1. Keyword Rankings
  2. Individual PageRank
  3. Traffic Estimation
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Main Referrers
  6. Directory Submission
  7. Blog Reviews
  8. Number of Back-links
  9. Twitter assessment
  10. Facebook assessment
  11. Social Bookmarking
  12. Keyword Density
  13. Indexed Pages for 4 search engines
  14. Supplemental Index Ratio
  15. Backlink Checker Summary
  16. Master Account
  17. Agency Account
  18. White Label ability
  19. Competitors
  20. XML API Mailed Reports