SEO Elite is made by the same man who made the highly successful Keyword Elite. Brad Callen asks you to type SEO software into a search Engine to prove just how reliable and successful his product is. No matter which version of Google you are using, his SEO Elite software comes up within the top three spots.

So what does SEO pElite romise to do for you? It promises to train and educate you in the field of SEO. It promises to analyze your site and recommend what you can do to get it higher in the SERP. If you follow their advice, then their estimation is that your traffic will triple and it will also be quality traffic that will buy your products.

Once again, Brad Callen offers his usual 8 week refund if you are happy with the product however looking at other market reviews suggests that no one so far has taken him up on his offer.  Considering that he uses his own product for his own website, then this proves that SEO Elite  is a vital piece of SEO software that is worth every penny.