SEOThere are thousands of SEO software tools out there and one of them is SEO administrator. Is It different? Well we like to think so, it has a variety of features that will keep you occupied and give you good guidance as to where you are going wrong in your SEO campaign. So exactly what is included?

•Ranking Monitor  – Check your position in thirty different search engines.

•Link Popularity Checker  – Check page rank and anchor text on inbound links

•Site Indexation SEO Tool – Find out which pages are indexed by Google

•Link exchange tool – Find partners to exchange links with.

•Site Analyzer  – Complete a full audit of your site and how the search engines see it.

•Log Analyzer – Review your traffic results

•Page Rank Analyzer – An overall view of every page of your site.

•Keyword Suggestion SEO Tool – Refine and change your keywords according to what the search engines are suggesting.

•HTML Analyzer  – make sure your sites HTML is up to scratch.

•Google Data Centers  – Review results from all of Google Data centers

•Snippets Viewer – See how your site looks in a search engine results page.

If you compare the prices of SEO administrator to other market leaders then it is relatively cheap. The full edition is 99 dollars however you can get rid of some features to lower the price to 49 dollars.

Download the free trail first if you want to see the control panel and check ease of use but there are screen shots available on the promotion site. This tool does have a good name in the market and for entrepreneurs that are on a budget, then it is ideal.