SEnukeSEnuke promises to help you own the first three pages of search engine listings. A confusing statement as Google would never allow that however the product is definitely intriguing and worth looking at. SEnuke makes the  promise that you can

* Generate instant  traffic from Google, Yahoo and MSN with a click of a button

* Gain  the attention of 12 of the top article sites, 32 social bookmarking sites, 23 RSS aggregator websites and over 250 PR4-PR8 sites.

* Know from the get-go that the keywords you select will generate massive amounts of highly targeted traffic & eager buyers

*  Instantly be able to create hundreds of article variations from one article with the click of a button

* Automatically link all your wikis, hubs, articles, and blogs in seconds

Wow, quite a lot to promise and apparently it is all done on Auto pilot so you can still put your feet up and watch the football. It is quite easy to image that this is all hype however earlier users are raving about the product.

All these users do have one thing in common though and that is, they are all experienced SEO experts. This software tool is not for inexperienced SEO marketers as it puts you in straight at the deep end.

For all the benefits, it is a good tool and as normal,  you pay for what you get. So don’t be alarmed at the price of 67 dollars a month for the trail version or 127 dollars a month for the premium version.

If you are not sure if you want to delve into a wealth of reports and knowledge. Then simply take the free 7 day trail version and make your own mind up, as to  whether SEnuke really is the king when it comes to SEO tools.