RavenThis software promises a lot or they really do have the gift of the gab. Not for those who are new to the internet world otherwise confusion will definitely rear its ugly head.

The tools promised include the ability to manage social media accounts and blogs from the Raven control panel. Keyword research, link building, competitor analyzes, technical analyzes.

Well the list goes on and on but what do users actually say about raven and it is worth the price tag of 19 dollars a month. It seems that most people are happy with Raven and whilst it is not one of the well-known brands of SEO software, it is climbing up the ranks slowly but surely.

Companies seem to love it as the enterprise plan allows an unlimited amount of users and websites. This plan will however set you back a staggering 1499 dollars a month, so stick to the basic if you want to keep within your budget.

They offer a free 30 day trial and unlike most trail SEO products, you don’t have to send your credit card details in first. The control panel is all hosted online and is easy to use and read. Overall a good product however to get all features the pricing is a little steep.