When learning how to market online you will continuously struggle with one issue, and that is finding enough time to achieve all the necessary steps to build and rank your site. There are so many stages involved: learning how to get a site online, creating outstanding content, designing your site, and of course the never-ending process of marketing and promotion. It is no wonder so many newbies give up – especially when many are also trying to juggle their internet marketing efforts with a full-time job when first starting out.

Well I have good news for you – here are iMoneybuzz we have put together a set of 51 completely free tools to help save you a ton of time creating and marketing your site when first starting out online.

Our tools include:

Article Rewriter – Perfect for quickly rewriting articles to use for backlinking content.

Plagiarism Checker – Check to determine that any content you outsource is original and unique, and also to make sure your content is not copied.

XML Sitemap Generator – Generate a sitemap in a matter of seconds to help search engines to crawl your site more intelligently.

Google Malware Checker – The Google malware scanner detects if a site may be harmful to protect website visitors from malware. Our tool tells you if Google has your domain listed as suspicious. Webmasters should always check whether their website is infected.

Keyword Density Checker – Keyword density is a computed percentage focused on the number of times a word or phrase is used on a page, compared to the final word count of the page. Using a keyword or phrase too many times may lead to the de-ranking of your site for over optimisation, so this tool is very useful as it will help you get the percentages right. While there are no established facts on what is a perfect percentage, most SEO professionals aim for a density of between 1 and 2 percent.

Broken Links Finder - Check for broken links on your website with this tool. You can also check for broken links on other sites in your niche, and ask the site owners if they would be willing to replace the broken links with yours. This is a great way to help other webmasters and also build an excellent backlink profile.

Blacklist Lookup – Before buying a previously used domain, make sure it is not listed on any spam blacklists.

Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator – Make sure your site looks perfect on screens of different resolutions.

Keyword Position Checker – Check the search engine keyword ranking and position for any keyword in Google and Yahoo – unlike other free checkers that do not go beyond page ten, our tool checks up to position 500!

Backlink Checker – Find out how many incoming backlinks point to your site.

These are just a few of the available tools – there is a whole lot more inside the free members area!

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