Penguin Recovery ProgramIt’s no surprise, and something that we have been expecting for some time. Google have recently updated their algorithm. The recent update is known as Penguin 5.

In their incessant pursuit to rid the Internet of “spammy links” and “spammy sites”, this update has had an effect on many businesses throughout the UK, and the world.

Researchers have determined that this recent Penguin update has affected around 3% of search queries, and many business owners are scratching their heads and wondering what needs to be done to claw back the valuable business they just lost, basically overnight.

It’s Not As Difficult As It Sounds

By carefully researching and analysing your existing SEO program, you can have a reasonable idea as to what has gone wrong and, take steps to remedy the problem.

Recover From Penguin UpdateGoogle has quite openly said it wants to prevent poor quality websites that offer very little “added value” from achieving high rankings within the SERP’s, and instead promote websites that are relevant to the terms and phrases being searched – and here lies the secret.

“Spammy links” tend to be from “link farms” or websites that companies use to artificially manipulate Page Rank and authority.

We offer a comprehensive Penguin Recovery Program to businesses to help claw back the valuable business lost by this alogrithm update. We raise the quality level of what it regards as valuable, relevant incoming links from trusted, high authority niche and themed websites.

We Can Solve Your Issues

If you are still experiencing problems with your site, then please call us now on +44 (01793) 238232 or email for an informative discussion on your particular loss of business and how we can help you recover from this heart breaking situation.