Gauher Chaudhry’s Pay Per click Formula 2.0, a comprehensive home study course, was launched in March, 2009. It is an updated version of original Pay per Click Formula 1.0. The course focuses on teaching people how to buy traffic from pay per click search engine (e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN), and drive that targeted traffic to cost-per-action offers and get paid a commission every time someone fills out a lead.

The course uses many successful examples from Gauher Chaudhry himself, and is designed for marketers who already have the basic knowledgeable of CPA and PPC. The course comprises 18 modules with 18 CD tutorials for each module. The modules are as follows:

1) Intro. To CPA Marketing & Traffic Brokering 2) Marketing Research & Offer Selection
3) Keyword Research & Tactics 4) Silo Site Building & Landing Pages
5) Creating Great Ad Copy 6) Google Adwords Search Network
7) Google Adwords Content Network 8) Google Adwords Placement Targeting
9) Yahoo Search Marketing 10) MSN Adcenter
11) Other PPC Search Engine 12) Organic Planting
13) Domain Domination 14) Testing & Tracking
15) Re-generation of Lost Traffic 16) Other Advanced Tactics
17) Social Media Traffic 18) Free PPC Ads

Except for the 18 modules, members of Pay per Click Formula 2.0 can also participate in:

Live workshop which is also video recorded for members who can’t make it to these workshops.

Webinars which covers advanced affiliate tactics as well as Q&A sessions

Live Case Study where Gauher explains how techniques and tools are used to build out a CPA campaign.

Member’s Forum where senior PPCF2 members give tips and exchange promotion ideas.

PPCF Member Success Stories where Gauher interviews successful members to share their experiences with other PPCF2 members

Pay per click


–   One time payment plan: USD997

–  Three month payment plan: USD347/per month

–  30-day 100% money back guarantee