Micro Niche Finder version 5, released in April 2010, is one of James Jones’ most famous software developments.

It is a market research tool that helps business find the best markets with very little competition, and also allows businesses to target keywords that can get ranked easily on search engines.

Micro Niche Finder is capable of providing users all the data, such as the number of times a certain keyword/phrase is searched every month, and how much competition there is for each new keyword/phrase that is has suggested.

By using the Strength of Competition (SOC) function, users can follow its traffic light, which serve as signals of the competitiveness of a specific keyword/phrase, to revise their Search Engine Optimization marketing strategies.

Green light represents low competition (go ahead), red light represents high competition (avoid), and orange light represents medium competition (maybe, use your own judgment). Data regarding whether the keyword/phrase is in the title, or in the URL, or if the exact title is used in another text on other websites, can also be provided by SOC.

By purchasing Micro Niche Finder, users can also receive one-click links to tools for

1) researching related domain names,

2) searching for appropriate products available on ClickBank and Amazon,

3) finding suitable affiliate programs,

4) locating articles with chosen keyword/phrase on Ezine Articles.

It also worth mentioning that after purchasing the software, users can directly approach James Jones if they are facing any problems. The support team of Micro Niche Finder is efficiently responding to the customers to help them resolve questions as soon as possible.

Micro Niche


USD99.99 includes:

  1. 1. Micro Niche Finder software
  2. 2. Lifetime update and support
  3. 3. Additional license for second computer
  4. 4. Micro Niche Finder TOGO USB drive
  5. 5. Bounce: “Squidoo Advantage eBook”, “Adsense Page Generator Tool”, “Fast PLR Profits eBook”, and “Yahoo Answers Traffic Guide”

–   8-week 100% money back guarantee