Keyword Research is and will always be one of the most essential aspects of Internet Marketing, and Brad Callen understands this fact very well. Therefore, he came up with one of the most famous keyword research tools in the market – Keyword Elite, and with the success of the first version, he brought Keyword Elite 2.0 in the market in August 2009, with better features and more enhancements.

Keyword Elite 2.0 is a keyword generation and analysis software package. It is an application that is designed specifically for the Pay per Click and Search Engine Optimization marketers that want to find profitable keywords easily. The five projects of the software are

1) Creating a keyword list,

2) Analyzing pay per click listings,

3) Selecting a keyword list,

4) Analyzing keyword competition,

5) Spying on Adwords competition.

Compared with the first version, Keyword Elite 2.0 has four completely new modules, for users to dig even deeper into their keyword research. The four modules are:

Adwords Time Machine which allows users to quickly and easily find profitable Adwords advertisers.

Google Site Advanced Targeter which allows users to easily find websites that are displaying Adsense ads, so that users can use their own Adwords accounts to advertise their websites on these sites.

CPA Magnet which allows users to quickly find CPA (Cost per Action) offers to match the niche that they have found to be a profitable niche to pursue.

JV Diamond Miner which allows users to uncover websites that are building an email list.

This new interface of Keyword Elite 2.0 allows for faster navigation and increase in users experience as well as faster interface when generating their own list of keywords, which make Keyword Elite 2.0 an even more powerful tool for Internet marketers.

Brad Callen


–  USD97 for Keyword Elite 2.0 with free access to Search Marketing Elite club for 30 days.

–  Accessing for Search Marketing Elite club can be canceled anytime in the first 30 days, otherwise will be billed USD39 after the 30 day free trail has ended