We have stumbled across a free long tail keyword research tool that we think is fantastic.

Better than any other free version out there. Infact better than Google itself!

What is the name of this free long tail keyword research tool?


There is a link to the site at the bottom of this post but first we want to tell you why we think it is fantastic and how to use it properly for maximum SEO effect


  • It is fast and simple to use
  • It produces more search suggestions of long tail keywords than other free versions
  • You do not have to pay a penny and there is no gimmick
  • It is better then the keyword tool for Google
  • You do not have to subscribe to get results
  • It works perfectly every time
  • The search panel is snazzy and user friendly

So How Do You Use It?

Enter the subject that you want to research, choose your language and press suggest

Free keyword research tool

Within seconds, a long list of suggestions will appear with your chosen keyword and longer suggestions including every letter of the alphabet and numbers from one to ten.

keyword research

Press the plus button if you want to add the suggested keyword to a list or press the actual word to drill down even further

Look on the right hand side for your selected keywords and press “Get”


Copy and paste the list into Google keyword tools and you can assess the level of competition and traffic results.

keyword tool

So how cool is that? We rate it as the best free long tail keyword research tool. Finding suggestions and maximising your SEO efforts with this tool is easy

Give it a go and we are sure you will agree with us.