In June 2010, Chris Freville released the Internet Marketing Empire to teach his students how to get started building their own Internet Marketing business from the very beginning to end. It is an in-depth course that starts from the basic and slowly works toward the more advanced techniques hence can be used for both beginners and more advanced marketers.

In the course, Chris Freville even reveals the secret blueprint he uses to help him make $45,000 a month, to give his students a great example of how to make profit online. Internet Marketing Empire contains a list of very thorough course on how to start making money online very quickly. Chris has done a great job at breaking it down and explaining every step so that all students can follow and apply the strategies. These courses are:

1) Course Overview,

2) Make Money Strategies,

3) Getting Started,

4) Clickbank Basics,

5) Niche Research,

6) Affiliate Marketing,

7) List Building,

8) Traffic Generation,

9) Email Marketing,

10) Product Creation Outsourcing,

11) Copywriting and Conversions,

12) Joint Ventures and Recruiting Affiliates,

13) Product Launches.

internet marketing empire

The courses contain hours of video content, process maps, and PDF blueprints, to help students learn everything about Internet Marketing step-by-step. By subscribing to this course, students can also receive many useful and readymade tools. There are 2 readymade affiliate review pages and a video squeeze page which all students can get to download.

Other tools are such as the CashCade list building sequence, templates that can be plugged into any server right away, full instructional PDF guides where students can learn how to start building their own lists starting from nothing, and the List Building is the fundamental skill that Chris encourages all his students to learn.


-   USD57 (USD77 before discount) for the course.