instant article factoryInstant Article Factory is a software, created by Jonathan Leger, designed to make it easy and quick for its users to create 300 to 400 word articles in less than 5 minutes. It uses pre-made templates to create different types of articles by selecting appreciate template to start. Before Instant Article Factory, Jonathan Leger also created Instant Article Wizard Pro, The Best Spinner, and Keyword Snatcher.

Once users start to use the software, Instant Article Factory will lead them through the creation of an article by picking one of the built-in templates. It will then walk users through filling in the blanks to some questions, completing partial sentences on an onscreen form, and then the system will use that data to compile an article of approximately 300+ words. By June 2010, Instant Article Factory offers 17 different templates to use. Some examples of the templates are:

1) 3 Reasons You Should

2 ) How To In 3 Steps

3) 3 Things To Avoid

4) The 5 Golden Rules Of

5) Top 3 Tips Of

Most importantly, every template in the software is spinned, which means the software has several inherent different versions in each template. Therefore, each time users refresh the page, they will get a new version of the same template. The purpose is to ensure that users get a completely new article every time they use the same template, and to ensure the quality of each article.

In addition, Instant Article Factory has “User Templates” feature, which allows users to create their own templates and contribute them to the community. This is a great way to help the software get more templates going quickly for the entire user base of Internet Article Factory.

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–  USD7 for a 7 day trial

–   USD77/per year after trial

–  30-day 100% money back guarantee