Although many aspiring Internet marketers start out with great enthusiasm, and full of ideas, more often than not their keenness begins to wane after just a few short weeks. dnsOne thing that newbie aspiring bloggers and marketers don’t realise is the amount of time it takes to create content. Without great content, you are basically knackered from the start. All great blogs and other types of websites need content either in the form of images, video or the written word, in order to keep visitors on the site and coming back for more.

Because writing articles is usually easier for most of us then making videos or trying to get our message across in pictures, we usually go writing route, at least when we first start out.

If you find you do not have time to write posts, you should look into speaking them instead. These days there are many programs on the market and even apps for the Android and iPhone that allow you to speak your post, e-mail, essay or any other project that you may be working on without the need to type. I find that typically this is around five times faster for me than when I manually type text in.

There are a number of different software solutions available to turn speech to text, but the most widely acclaimed is Dragon NaturallySpeaking by Nuance. When installed on a computer, this program has a very high accuracy rate. You will need to train the program first, but you can do this in just 20 minutes or so. If you find the text is not as accurate as you would like, you can simply go back and retrain it more.

The company also has apps for Android systems and iPhone, but it must be said that you will not get the same accuracy as having the full software up installed on a PC. Needless to say the software is also quite a lot pricier, so if you are strapped for cash you might want to make do with an app, because even giving the lower accuracy rate, you will still find you can write posts within a fraction of the time it takes most people to type them.

One thing you will have to remember is to edit your post properly, as mistakes do occur, and sometimes very amusing ones. I find the best and fastest way to edit posts is to read them back to yourself out loud.

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