gary illyesGary Illyes, one of Google’s top Webmaster Trends Analyst and part of the Search Quality team, announced at last week’s Search Marketing Expo East, that the biggest Penguin update for a year should be rolling out very soon; perhaps as early as this week.

According to Illyes, the update will make things easier for webmasters, particularly those who were hit in the previous Penguin roll outs due to having what Google considered a “spammy” web profile. Gary even claimed for many website owners the update would be “a delight.”

The webspam team, usually led by Matt Cutts who is currently on leave, have not been popular with SEOs in recent years, as their hard hitting practices to destroy web spam have also affected the online presence of many legitimate businesses.

Webmasters and SEO teams around the world are keen to see what the new update will actually bring, and hope it leads to legitimate smaller businesses once again seeing their ranks rise, while not affecting the quality of results for Google users.