Google Cash System, which is an eBook (in PDF format) on Google Adwords, was Chris Carpenter’s first product. It introduces the concept that involved making money by advertising affiliate websites on pay-per-click engines (mostly Google Adwords).

In the last edition – Google Cash System 3rd edition, Chris Carpenter revealed more advanced tactics for his readers, to catch up with the rules frequently changed by Google. The book mainly describes how to use Google Adwords to advertise affiliate programs.

It starts with a short introduction of affiliate program networks and the Google Adwords system. Then Chris shows some of his profitable campaigns, and discusses how he found profitable keywords, how to get the affiliate links, how to write Google Ads, and how he tracks the results.

In the second part of the eBook, Chris goes into details about getting started with affiliate businesses, such as: how to get an email account and a free web page, how to find and choose lucrative affiliate programs, how to join them, and how to build a list of potentially profitable keywords relevant to the products.

After the most important part of the eBook – how to write ads that get the click, and how to setup your Google Adwords campaign – the book ends up with providing extra tips for maximizing the results of campaigns and generating more traffic. However, since the rules of setting up Google Adwords campaign has been constantly updated, purchasing the last edition of Google Cash System is highly recommended.


–  USD67 for the eBook.

–   90-day 100% money back guarantee