Ryan Deiss realized that Facebook has about 39 million impressions each month, but there is only a small fraction of the number of advertisers on Facebook as others are struggling in the crowded Adwords space. Besides, Facebook can be a lot more targeted, and has an average lower cost-per-click.

Therefore, different with other online advertising programs focusing on Google Adwords route, he created Facebook Ad Power to teach students how to leverage the Facebook advertising system to make money. Facebook Ad Power is a home study course. The main component of the course is an 83-minute presentation, which is broken down into 3 smaller sized videos for the convenience of students who have slower connections.


The course can also be downloaded as an audio (.mp3 format) or a handout (.pdf format), so that students can use different formats to study. Some of the topics covered in the course are :

1) how to better target your ads to your ideal prospect,

2) how to create great and compelling ads that fit Facebook’s terms of service,

3) how to create a great landing page and still follow Facebook’s rules,

4) what are the bidding and budgeting strategies for Facebook advertising.

By studying the course, students will be kept updated of the rules frequently changed by Facebook, so they will know how to tweak the campaigns for ultimate performance. Except for the 83-minute video, there are three shorter videos, which are from Ryan’s live internet marketing seminar events where he shares his successful Facebook advertising experiences and tactics.


–  USD200 for the course with:

  1. 1. 12 months of free updates about Facebook’s rules
  2. Monthly Q&A call to update students on the ins and outs of Facebook marketing