Internet marketing is not about using traditional methods of selling. There are essential SEO skills that you must know and put into practise. These skills will get you on first pages of search engines, therefore making more money. Let us have a look at them.

Essential SEO Skills

Keyword Research

Randomly writing articles will get your site ranked for long tail keywords and random phrases. However, to increase your sales, you need to rank for specific keywords so research is of importance and the first step when setting up new content.

Be careful about which keywords you choose. The keyword that is popular, probably also has high competition. If you are new to Internet marketing, build your portfolio by starting with the keywords that have low competition first.

SEO Writing Skills

After researching your keyword suggestions, place them in the right positions to get them noticed by search engines. This subject can get extensive but the main points to remember are

  • The keyword should appear in your URL Meta title and description
  • Aim for a keyword density of between 1% to 3%
  • If you want to research this subject further, considering making use of LSI keywords
  • Make sure your keyword is in your first and last paragraphs
  • Your H1 heading and one of your H2 headings should contain the keyword

Internal Linking

Much emphasis is based on links pointing back to your site, but internal linking is just as important when thinking of essential SEO skills. Link to other relevant pages within your website, from new articles to old and vice versa.

Linking Out

Many people are afraid to link out from their website and may be damaging themselves in the process. Within any 500 words, place a link out to a high authority site. It does not have to be your competition or anyone that is ranking for the same keyword as you. A perfect example is to link to Wikipedia on a discussion within the main topic.


Do you have a sitemap? If not, stop reading this article, go, and make one now. Consider a sitemap to be an easy to read instruction manual for search engine spiders. It makes it easier for them to index and find new content.

Image Tags

Name your images with proper tags. The number of times, I have logged on to an article and the image still has numbers from the download. Use keywords and LSI keywords to name your images and you can also gain traffic from people searching for pictures.

Fresh Content

Google loves sites that are constantly updated. They often place new articles that correctly SEO optimised on the front pages of  search pages. If you are not blogging, you need to start doing that now.

Social Media

Now a strong aspect of essential SEO skills and Internet marketing however we will discuss this topic later in  separate articles so we can give it the full attention it deserves.

Link Building Strategy

Again, another, topic deserving a full article in itself but the aim is to get backlinks pointing to your site. Why? The backlinks you gain, reflect to Google, your importance as a leader in that in that chosen subject.

Please note that many people believe page ranking is a factor in the search engines. It is not. There are many sites with a page rank of six or seven who are not listed on page one for any chosen keywords.

Keep tuned to our series of articles on successful Internet marketing. Until then, make sure you brush up on your essential SEO skills, so your business does not get left behind.