Just about any ebook or internet marketing guide you read on the subject of email marketing will tell you to use either Aweber or Get Response as your email marketing service of choice – not just because these companies offer excellently customizable opt-in forms, reporting tools, and other features such as responsive email design and A/B split testing; no, mainly because of their high delivery rates compared to similar email marketing service providers.

Here at iMoneybuzz, we always agreed with this advice in the past, in fact, Aweber was our email marketing program of choice for many years. Starting out with a cheaper service that had a lower inbox rate was not worth it in our opinion, because sooner or later you would realise many of your emails were not being delivered, and trying to import contacts into Aweber is a royal pain, as they are asked to resubscribe. Needless to say, many people would not even know what they were resubscribing to, and simply not bother; and as a result marketers would lose many of there hard-won subscribers.

However, last year these services became much less effective, through no fault of their own. The number of people likely to read marketing emails delivered from these services dramatically decreased, thanks to our old friends over there at Mountain View in sunny California. Gmail, or Googlemail, is the most widely used email service in the world, but since last year they began screening all emails for promo content, and assigning them to a tab within a user’s inbox that would only be seen of the user decided she felt like reading promotional emails and clicked on the tab.

The Google algo which decides whether emails are “Primary”.”Social”. or “Promotions” has obviously been programmed to look for costly services like Aweber, Get Response and other widely-used marketing companies, and assign them to the promotional tab or promo bin, as it might as well be called. We can say from experience, that this led to a huge increase of unopened emails for users of these services.

So, What to Do?

There are a couple of solutions. One we tried with incredibly good results was http://www.imnicamail.com. This service has great inboxing and opening rates, and is far cheaper than Aweber or Get Response. In addition, it seems to bypass the Gmail filters and mails land in a user’s primary tab. We defiantly recommend this service over all others if you have a large list, or are planning on building one, and you will be emailing every day or multiple times a day.

If your list is less than 1000 subscribers, and unlikely to increase at an alarming rate, another great solution (if you use WordPress) is a plugin created by Stefano Lissa. This plugin works extremely well for smaller lists – you could even try it for larger lists as there are no limits to the number of emails you can send or subscribers you can add. However, it does not have as many features as Iminica, and therefore might not be the best option for heavy-hitting email marketers. You can get this great free Newsletter plugin here or search for “Newsletter” in the plugin area of your WP dashboard.

Either way, both these suggestions will save you money quite considerable money depending on the size of your list, and increase your chances of actually having your emails read tremendously.