In the current day and age, the emphasis seems to be on social media, and it can be tempting to ignore building an email list. Internet marketers who are specializing in the travel business are most guilty of this.

Therefore, I wrote this article for those of you who are ignoring  this form of marketing at your own cost.  If you are just starting out, I have also included some essential email list building tips.

Email List Building: The Most Powerful Form Of Marketing

Any kind of traffic is great but as internet marketers, you want to turn that traffic into money. Marketing stats have proven that many people will not buy at the first opportunity; therefore, you need to continue your interaction with them and the perfect way to do this  with is an email list.

Concentrating on getting hundreds of visitors from Facebook and Twitter is great, but on your follow up sessions with them, you are not guaranteed their undivided attention while they are going through their stream on Facebook or Twitter.

After a year of pestering a business client to add a subscribe button to his site, he has finally done it. Fifty sign ups within the first month. He just placed the button there. There was no incentive or effort on his behalf so doesn’t this prove that email marketing is still alive and kicking

Can you imagine what the results would be, if he used this form of marketing from the start?

Do not ignore the power of a mailing list for your business. In my opinion, they can be more effective than social media sites. I still sign up for mailing lists all the time.

Email list building tips

Email List Building Tips – The Basics

  • Start building your email list on the day your business goes live. It is never too early.
  • Use MailChimp or Aweber, these professional mailing systems save a lot of time.
  • Place your subscription button in an obvious place, where everyone will see it. Pop ups often work and if you are concerned about annoying people, set the pop ups to display just once while people are on the site.
  • People need an incentive to sign up, whether it is the promise of a free e-book or coupon codes for discounts. Be original and give them something they cannot find anywhere else.
  • Remind people that they can sign up. Very often, when giving out a business card and there is no set plan agreed with the recipient, I do not say, “Follow me on Twitter or Facebook.” I do not have their undivided attention on there. Instead, I suggest that they sign up for my future marketing updates.

Email List Building Tips  – Dos & Don’ts

  • Emailing me every day is going to make me press unsubscribe quick. I do not want your emails every day. It is too much
  • I will also find it odd if you email me once every three months. I would have forgotten who you are by then. Try once a week with a roundup of news. Of course, if you have some breaking news for me, then an ad hoc email would be greatly appreciated; it shows me that you know your niche inside out.
  • Just because I leave a comment on your blog, it does not mean, that I have agreed to be on your mailing list. These are two very different concepts. Do not confuse them
  • You must provide an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. Not doing so can find you in hot water with the relevant authorities.
  • Encourage people to share your newsletter. Mailchimp has a great little button that says, “Forward this to a friend”
  • Encourage people to come back to your site. Ask them to join in the discussion or share your new posts on Facebook. Put the idea in their head; do not wait for people to act.
  • Review your results. Find out which email title is opened more than others are. What was the content of your most popular email? Can you repeat the process with a different topic?
  • Love your subscribers. Give them a reason to keep subscribing. It could be a freebie or link to a piece of information that will help them. Mention people that have commented on your blog posts and thank them for taking part. Offer to help your subscribers in any way you can

To summarize, build a relationship with your subscribers and one day, that email marketing list will be worth a fortune to your business.

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