emailDori Friend understands that email marketing is an integral part of Internet Marketing. It is very important for email marketers with legitimate opt-in lists to make sure that their messages can get through to their target customers.

Therefore, Dori Friend developed E-filtrate, which is a membership based email delivery optimization system that will optimize emails by bypassing filters and getting emails through spam blockers.

Once members subscribe to the system, they will have immediate access to all the E-filtrate’s tools. The system will automate the process of testing email content, editing email with alternative words, testing delivery system, bouncing back percentage, and sending out email campaign after passing all the tests.

Among all the Spam checker products in the marketing, how Dori Friend differentiates her product with others?

1) E-filtrate has easier to read graphical interface

2) E-filtrate offers a Blacklist checker

3) E-filtrate offers accounts at all the major service providers for its members to do email send tests, to make sure whether they go through.

4) E-filtrate offers tips and resources for its members to make their email campaign and Internet Marketing venture successful.

5) E-filtrate offers superior customer services and updates its membership site constantly, to keep its members follow up with E-filtrate’s new information.


-    Silver membership:

  1. 1. USD147 subscription fee per year
  2. 2. Members can also get 1) Two spam content detection system, 2) Trigger word/phrase suggestion tool, 3)Check and see if you are blacklisted, 4) Easy email editing, 5)Get your bounce back percentage, and 6) Filter Breaker software

-    Gold Membership

  1. 1. USD197/per year
  2. 2. Including everything in Silver membership package, Gold membership entitles members to get unlimited free updates for 3 years
  3. 3. Free eBook – Insider Secrets of Profitable e-newsletters

–    365-day 100% money back guarantee

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