This software is aimed at small business or the internet marketing beginner. They promise that you will pay less and get more via a three-step marketing plan which is plan, act and measure. The company insists that you do not need any SEO knowledge to get results from their software.

If you do get stuck then help is on hand via the customer service support. DIY SEO is different to other SEO software in that it is hosted online and there are no downloads. The promise that you will pay less does not really ring true, when you consider that monthly payments are 49 dollars, however DIY SEO says the results are better than other software available so you are getting more for less.

The control panel is easy to read and you are not confused with lines and lines of data. Clear guidance of what to do next are given and then once these actions have been completed, you can track and view the results. Every month the process is the same to cope with the change in the search engines. Plan, act and measure seems to work for a lot of people who struggle to come to terms and the concept of the SEO world.