When first starting out managing SEO campaigns for a client or two, or if you are just doing SEO for your own sites, you will likely find some of the services that are necessary to your success to be costly.

As a SEO, there are certain tools are you must have, such as a backlink checker like Ahrefs or Majestic SEO, a tool like Link Research Tools to make sure your backlink profile is decent, and a service along the lines of Citation Labs Suite to help you prospect potential link building opportunities.

Just using the minimal number of services required will result in a hefty bill of several hundred dollars each month.

While this is fine if you have plenty of clients, and are earning a good income in the SEO space, if you’re just starting out you will probably find you are only using a fraction of your monthly quotas, and therefore a large part of your subscriptions is wasted and is essentially money down the drain.

A good way around this is to share a subscription between several marketers or search engine optimisers.

Here at iMoneybuzz we sometimes have openings for marketers interested in sharing a subscription.

Check back here from time to time as we will list any open slots available for subscription shares.

Current Open SEO Subscription Shares

If you are interested in a share of an Ahrefs account please use the contact form on the right.

The cost will be $20 per month, instead of the usual $80. As Ahrefs give a huge quota for the number of monthly queries an account can make, you are certain to find this more than adequate for your SEO needs.