Content optimisation and relevant keyword phrases are crucial factors when it comes to making sure an article is search engine friendly.

However in 2011, the game plan changed when Google implemented a series of changes to its algorithms and now you need to write an article that is not only search engine friendly but also engaging to readers.

Gone are the days when using PLR articles, copying and pasting or stuffing content with keyword phrases got you to the first page of Google.

Even outsourcing the content you need to freelancers has to be carefully approached as someone with no knowledge and passion for your niche is hardly likely to write an article that will be relevant to readers, popular on social media sites, have website content that is optimized and also have good search engine rankings.

Google really started to crack down on the content that was available on the internet and sites that were not playing the game found themselves with very little revenue and traffic.

The game was stepped up a notch and website owners had no choice but to play along

So considering that your content now has to be better than any flash graphics, pictures or media on your site, what can you do when the competition is so high? Use Inbound Writer to focus on your website content, the keywords and ultimately your search engine rankings

Inbound Writer is still in the Beta version but we were still eager to sign up and take it for a test drive. The free account will allow you to practice your website content optimization skills up to a total of eight articles. This is adequate for someone who is publishing twice a week. If you are an internet marketer with multiple sites, for a mere $19.95 a month, you can have unlimited use.

Using Inbound Writer For Search Engine Rankings

content optimizationIf your site is running on WordPress, they do have a plug in for you to upload or you can choose to work from the admin panel on Inbound Writer.

The first step is to enter three keywords phrases that you are targeting, wait a couple of minutes while Inbound writer assess the info.

Once that is done, you are ready to go. Write your article and watch the document score go up.

Hints and tips on your keyword phrases are available throughout the process and you can also alter your plan from optimizing your content for maximum search engine rankings to achieving search engine rankings for the low competition keywords.

Testing Inbound Writer

We based the first articles for optimization on low ranking keyword phrases with little competition. After we published the article, we then bookmarked it on various sites and sent it out on social media sites as well.

That was four weeks ago, and today our article is ranking number one for our chosen low competition keyword and ranking number four for another.

Two birds killed with one stone

Other articles that we focused content optimization on had a high competition for keywords and they have all rested between page one and page four. We just need to back it up with link building.

Good Website Content

 Of course, Inbound writer helps you to optimize your content however it is still crucial to produce content that will engage the reader. Inbound writer is only a tool so do not go crazy and start writing for the search engines while rejecting human readers.

Inbound Writer simply allows you to take a good article and tweak the content to be search engine friendly at the same time.

Our suggestion is to write the article first, copy and paste it into Inbound Writer and then make the adjustments that they suggest.

inbound writer

Backing Up Your Website Content

Even though Inbound Writer is a good tool, it is still essential that you pay attention to the basics to achieve a good search engine ranking. Don’t forget the following rules of publishing any article and you will enhance the good work done by Inbound writer.

1 - Include your keyword in the URL, title and meta description

2 - Make good use of <h1> and <h2> tags.

3 - Your keyword should be mentioned roughly 5 times in a 500 word article and placed in the opening paragraph and last paragraph.

4 - Be active on the social media sites and encourage people to share your article for you

5 - Monitor the search engine ranking and back it up with link building and article marketing.

Test drive inbound writer by signing up here and watch it improve your content optimization results and rankings in the search engines for your chosen keywords.

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