Web Design Trends for 2021

The great thing about web design is that so many new things are published daily. We are frequently seeing new ideas, methods, and designs being rolled out. With it being so new into the year, the developers at HubSpot are sure the best is yet to come in 2021. While many of the trends that started to appear in 2020 are still very much being used, it’s time to look

Skeptics Question Statement That Google Will Pay $1B For Partnerships With News Publishers

Google has agreed to pay news publishers a billion dollars over the next three years for the rights to distribute their news content via the search engine. On Thursday, Google released a statement saying it has approved contracts for its news partnership program with almost 200 news outlets in Argentina, Canada, Germany, Brazil, the U.K. and Australia. “This financial commitment – our biggest to date – will pay publishers to

13 Ways To Find Blog Post Ideas

We all know that Google loves sites who constantly publish new content. It crawls those sites more often and a constant supply of fresh content will increase rankings and traffic. The problem with this business plan is how to keep generating ideas for good blog posts. After all, you do not want to write about any old subject. I  hate people blogs who talk about their night insomnia or their

The 7 Tactics Of Highly Effective List Builders

If you have been studying online marketing for longer than a week or two, you have almost certainly heard the phrase “the money is in the list.” This refers to a list of email subscribers whom are hopefully eagerly waiting for the list owner’s next email; and preferably with their credit cards in hand to purchase the latest product or affiliate offering. In order to build an email list successfully,

Cut SEO Costs By Sharing Subscriptions

When first starting out managing SEO campaigns for a client or two, or if you are just doing SEO for your own sites, you will likely find some of the services that are necessary to your success to be costly. As a SEO, there are certain tools are you must have, such as a backlink checker like Ahrefs or Majestic SEO, a tool like Link Research Tools to make sure

Sites That Pay You To Answer Questions

Making money on the Internet is certainly possible, although perhaps not as easy to succeed as an affiliate marketer or even a freelancer as it was five years ago, due to the incredible amount of competition. Learning the ins and outs of Internet marketing requires a certain amount of time, as there is quite a steep learning curve. However, there are a number of sites that will pay you to