brute forceBruteForce SEO promises to make your site prominent within first three pages of Google as well as sending you unlimited amount of traffic therefore boosting your pocket money. It boosts of a user friendly control panel that even a six year old could use, but what does it actually do? Well in its own words, it provides you with a virtual servant that will

•        create and confirm email accounts

•        create sites for you

•        Solve captcha on autopilot

•        Promote your site on leading web 2.0 sites

•        Promote feeds

•        Build up incoming links

It is selling at a hefty price though of 157 dollars a month however some users are boasting that they have more than made this back with what their virtual servant does for them in terms of SEO.

Web marketers also boast of saving lots of time leaving them free to concentrate on other tasks. Well we all know that SEO is often a full time job however does the price justify the results? You have the camp that is against Brute Force and the camp that is against it. It appears that Brute Force does not have 100% satisfied or dis-satisfied customers.

Still not sure if you are ready to spend so much of your hard earned cash. Then  simply take them up on the offer of a seven day free trail and see for yourself what potential your shiny new service called BruteForce has.

brute force