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Attracting Clients with Internet Inbound Marketing

You may have heard of the term “Inbound Marketing” but do not know what it means. An Inbound Marketing agency can help your company increase sales by generating leads and growing brand awareness. This helps maximize return on investment for Internet marketing campaigns and also advertising in general. Inbound marketing is mostly Internet-based because people look online to search for reviews and information before trying out a service or product.

Using YouTube to Promote an Art Business

Because they can showcase a lot of their work, Youtube is a great way for artists and crafters to promote their art businesses. Some artists use Youtube to upload slide show type videos to promote their work. After a few weeks, they throw up their hands in disgust and say that the site is worthless. However, these people miss the point of a site like Youtube, which is to connect

10 Do’s & Don’ts of Web Design SEO

Do – Increase your site speed, Don’t – Have a slow website Having a slow-loading site means increasing the bounce rate, the percentage of users who do not look at more than one page of your site. If users close your site before looking at more than the page they are directed to; then they are not participating in any valuable action to raise revenue for your site. Increase your

Web Design Trends for 2021

The great thing about web design is that so many new things are published daily. We are frequently seeing new ideas, methods, and designs being rolled out. With it being so new into the year, the developers at HubSpot are sure the best is yet to come in 2021. While many of the trends that started to appear in 2020 are still very much being used, it’s time to look

Skeptics Question Statement That Google Will Pay $1B For Partnerships With News Publishers

Google has agreed to pay news publishers a billion dollars over the next three years for the rights to distribute their news content via the search engine. On Thursday, Google released a statement saying it has approved contracts for its news partnership program with almost 200 news outlets in Argentina, Canada, Germany, Brazil, the U.K. and Australia. “This financial commitment – our biggest to date – will pay publishers to

Marketing Successfully on the Internet

It took a while and several false starts during the evolution and revolution of the internet for it to become a viable means of making money, but these days the job of monetizing web traffic is a great deal easier than it has ever been and the digital world has been opened up to create options for the person in the street (or at least in front of a laptop)

13 Ways To Find Blog Post Ideas

We all know that Google loves sites who constantly publish new content. It crawls those sites more often and a constant supply of fresh content will increase rankings and traffic. The problem with this business plan is how to keep generating ideas for good blog posts. After all, you do not want to write about any old subject. I  hate people blogs who talk about their night insomnia or their

Writing Skills To Sell Your Product Effectively

If you are an Internet marketer, you need good writing skills to sell your product effectively. The writing skills need to be constant for email marketing campaigns and instantly eye catching for your landing pages. There are no second chances. You are not sitting in a restaurant with a potential client having a two-way discussion. That potential buyer is relying on visual impact to make up his mind. If you

How to Research Niche Keyword Phrases for SEO

How to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to research keyword phrases for niche websites, uncover good keywords, and improve search engine optimization of web content. Performing keyword research to uncover the perfect niche keyword phrases that will increase web traffic is more of an art than a science, and it seems there’s a different approach suggested by every search engine optimization specialist on the Internet. But regardless of the

The 7 Tactics Of Highly Effective List Builders

If you have been studying online marketing for longer than a week or two, you have almost certainly heard the phrase “the money is in the list.” This refers to a list of email subscribers whom are hopefully eagerly waiting for the list owner’s next email; and preferably with their credit cards in hand to purchase the latest product or affiliate offering. In order to build an email list successfully,