affiliateAffiloBlueprint 2.0 is a home study course, where Mark Ling shows his students how to set up an affiliate website to make money online by participating in the most popular online affiliate networks, such as Clickbank.

It is a new upgraded course of Mark Ling’s previous affiliate training program, and was released in 2009. In the course, there are more than 40 individual lessons and 10 software tools designed for its students.

Moreover, a monthly magazine as well as the membership site is also included. The course consists of 12 weeks of lessons, with 17 hours of video instruction, spread over 55 videos with an average length of around 20 minutes.

The lesson of each week builds on the last week, with easily-digested videos showing students how to achieve each little step. The lessons include the following topics:

1) Market Research 2) Getting Content for Site
3) Setting Up Your Website 4) Website Design
5) Introduction to SEO 6) SEO Link Building for Beginners
7) Newsletters 8) Introduction to Web 2.0
9) Advanced Web Tweaking and Tidying 10) Pay Per Click One
11) Pay Per Click Two 12) Pay Per Click Three

The course is mainly designed for affiliate marketing beginners, but experiences affiliate marketers can also benefit from the wealth of information shared by Mark Ling. Some students can finish the course less than 12 weeks. It all depends on how students arrange their own schedule and how fast they can learn.

All the videos can be watched online or download to computers or mobile devices for future reference. Meanwhile, homework will be assigned after each class to help students know what they should be achieving at every stage.


USD197 for membership fee, with following bounces:

  1. 1. One month free subscription to “Affilorama Premium”, USD67 value
  2. 2. Instapop – unlimit unblockable popovers, USD47 value
  3. 3. AffiloBlueprint Premium WordPress Theme, USD297 value
  4. 4. Live Wabinar Q&A Sessions
  5. 5. Webinar Recording

–  60-day 100% money back guarantee

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