We all know that Google loves sites who constantly publish new content. It crawls those sites more often and a constant supply of fresh content will increase rankings and traffic.

The problem with this business plan is how to keep generating ideas for good blog posts. After all, you do not want to write about any old subject. I  hate people blogs who talk about their night insomnia or their fear of cupcakes. I want to read juicy posts that benefit my business and me.

So how can someone constantly keep delivering good blog posts?

How To Find Blog Post Ideas

  • Always have a pen and paper close by. Ideas come to us at the most strangest of times. Jot them down before you forget them.
  • Personal moments and experiences make interesting reading. That time you built a site and your business plan went down the toilet. The time you used a traffic technique and it worked. Any examples like that and people want to read about it.
  • Set up your Google analytics to record searches made within your site. You will be amazed at the list of keywords and ideas that can be born from reading that list.
  • Be passionate about your likes and dislikes within your industry. If you are an expert, you should be able to gain at least ten blog post ideas from this.
  • Swing to the opposite point of view on an existing post. For example, one of my last posts was about learning social media skills. I could counteract this by following it up with a post called “Social Media Techniques That Are Frowned Upon”
  • Use Google Search to find blog post ideas. Type in your first keyword and pick one of the following suggestions that come up

How to find blog post ideas


  • Ask your readers. On one campaign for a client, I used their Facebook page to ask fans what they would like to read. The response was overwhelming and gave me enough ideas to post daily for a month.
  • People like lists for posts. Ideas include “The ultimate list of free Internet marketing software” or “Ten Ways to get your blog post indexed quickly by Google”. Think of your niche and the list of resources that you would like to have on one page.
  • Every time you send out a newsletter, ask subscribers to email you with their questions. If you have a large subscriber base, you should get a big response.
  • Use social media. Sites like Stumble upon are great for this. Browse through the interests that your niche belongs to and use those blogs for inspiration.
  • Review your old content. Articles that you wrote two years ago can be rewritten with a different title and angle. Use this suggestion with number five and you have a winner!
  • Use Question and Answer sites like Quora or Yahoo
  • If your blog allows comments, every so often you will get a passionate comment from a reader. Expand on it  and make into a new post with your response.