Gdansk is a European city on the Baltic coast of Poland. The city is the main seaport of Poland and doubles as a touristic town. Gdansk earned its name from a river known as Gdania. Tourists have many things to do in Birmingham to do in Gdansk. They can visit restaurants, shops, cafes, bars, boutiques, and souvenir shops. The town dwellers do not mind occasional visitors curious about its unusual attractions. Here are some Gdansk Birmingham Attractions to check out during your visit:

1. Climb St. Mary’s Basilica or Mariacka basilica

The first Gdansk attraction is the Church of St. Mary. Up until 1945, Mariacka basilica was the biggest Lutheran Church on the globe. Currently, the church is one of the largest brick churches that can fit 25,000 people. Mariacka basilica is at the centre of Gdansk with a 78-metre tower. That makes it an ideal place for viewing the entire region. You will have to climb up its 409 steps to a viewing area, which can fit about 12 people.

2. Gradova Hill

Gradova Hill is only 50 meters high, but the Birmingham Attractions are many. The first Gdansk attraction is the Large Cross installed in 2000. This was to mark the start of the new millennium. Another attraction is the Hawelianum Centre. It is an interactive science centre built in honour of the famous Polish astronomer. You will find several rooms, which were used for military purposes during the Second World War. Finally, do not leave the hill until you view the whole city from the top.

3. ?uraw Crane

?uraw Crane was the old gate to Gdansk. Here ships would unload their cargo. Nowadays, instead of cargo ships, the historical centre of Gdansk is full of tourist boats. You will learn all about the shipping history by visiting.

4. Amber Sky” Ferris Wheel

The Amber Sky Ferris Wheel is on Warehouse Island. The Ferris wheel is 50 meters high and affords visitors views of the picturesque Gdansk area.

5. Ride the Pirate Ship

Are you looking for a Gdansk attraction with sails? The pirate ship is the attraction for you. It sails along the Gdansk Bay, and you will sit on benches. You will find a man dressed like a pirate welcoming you to the ship. Thus, carry your camera to take the best pictures.

6. Walks the Street

The streets in Gda?sk are beautiful. You can start at Mariacka Street and wonder endlessly. It is not well known by tourists, which makes it extra special. However, note that Gdansk lacks a central square. Dluga Street makes up for this limitation. Two-storey buildings line Dluga Street on both sides. The bottom floors house souvenir shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and bars. City-dwellers adore the long pedestrian street, and so do the out-of-towners.

7. Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk

The museum is the most recent Gdansk Gdańsk Attraction, which opened on March 23, 2017. It is already popular with tourists who come to learn about the Second World War in Poland. The Historical Museum, a 14th-century Gothic-Renaissance building, is the place to learn about the history of Gdansk.

You will have a blast at Gdansk. Thus, do not fail to visit.