Bornholm is a Danish Island, and the sunniest spot in the whole country. It lies in the Baltic Sea, approximately 47 km off the Swedish Coast. In fact, Bornholm is closer what to do in Bornholm Sweden, Poland, and Germany than with any part of Denmark. However, it holds a special place in the Danish’s people hearts. It is a foodie’s paradise and an excellent vacation spot. Are you wondering what to do in Bornholm? Here are the best attractions on the island:

Places to Visit in Bornholm

1. Hammershus Castle Ruins

The castle ruins are the most extensive in Northern Europe. Built in the 13th Century the castle served as a royal residence, and launching base for Danish crusades. It offered protection against marauding by Danish kings. Several violent fights ensured as parties attempted to take control of the castle. In the 17th century, the palace turned into a quarry, before the ruins were placed under preservation in 1822. At the site, you can take a boat trip to the Vade Ovn cave.

2. Bornholm’s Museum of Art (Kunstmuseum)

For the chance to glance upon the works of Danish master painter such as Karl Isakson, Edvard Weie, Niels Lergaard, Olaf Rude, etc., make a point of visiting this museum. Due to its well-curated collection, people consider it as the finest art collections in Denmark. Furthermore, Bornholm’s Museum of Art has sculptures and works of past Danish masters. The caf? at the museum let you enjoy coffee and other beverages. Outside the building, guests will have unobstructed views of the ocean.

3. Bornholm Museum

Unlike the Museum of Art, this museum focuses on seafaring, and natural history if the Island. It has rock specimens from R?nne and Bornholm such as limestone, coal, granite, and kaolin. In the history department, you will find drawings and Viking pieces. The fascinating artefacts include old clocks, gold items, and wartime memorials among others. When visiting the attraction, if you have kids take them to the seafaring section.

4. Pea Islands (Ertholmene)

The island is close to other small islands that can add enjoyment to your holiday. The Ertholmene (Pea Islands) are to the Northeast of Bornholm. You can arrive at the islands by taking a boat from Gudhjem, Allinge, and Svaneke. From the Pea Islands, other attractions are close such as the Christians? Island and Frederiks? Island.

5. The Hills of Paradise (Paradisbakkerne)

Walking along the coastline affords you excellent views of the ocean and the chance Things to do in Bornholm feel the breeze. However, Bornholm’s inland is alluring and enjoyable. When travelling inland from any part of Nexo, you are going Things to do in Bornholm come across the Hills of Hells. These are privately owned Hills of Paradise. If you are full of energy, you can start exploring the narrow valleys, lush forests, and the Island’s rocky landscape.

Now, you have five excellent places to explore. However, note that there are other places to visit in Bornholm. Remember the “journey of a thousand miles starts with…”