Somerset is a magnificent and tranquil rural county located in the south west of England. It consists of numerous rolling hills, an extensive network of underground caves and rivers and expansive flat plains. Hence, one can expect lush green land that extends as far as the eyes can see.

There are numerous things to do in Somerset such that there is something for everyone regardless of age. Some of the Somerset attractions include Wells Cathedral, the village of Allerford, Avon Valley, Glastonbury Alley, Glastonbury Walking Trails and Nunney Castle, among others.

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The Wells Cathedral is a Somerset attraction that attracts visitors of all ages. It is said to be one of the greatest cathedrals in England due to its gothic architecture that has been well preserved since the 15th century. Visitors arrive at the cathedral in grand tours, and they get to see The Wells, Vicars Close, Scissor Arches, The Jesse Window, The Clock, and the West Front.

The Exmoor National Park is yet another Somerset attraction where visitors may want to enjoy the cool breeze as they take in the beautiful view of the grassy plains. To the east of the National Park is the village of Allerford that attracts international tourists. Of importance in this village is the famous Allerford house that is believed to have been the home of Admiral John Moresby; the man who explored the New Guinea coastline. In addition, The West Somerset Rural Life Museum and Victorian Schoolroom are two sites located here that depict the history of this area. Wimbleball Lake, also located within the park is another must visit for all tourists. It is ideal for camping, biking, walking and hosting of picnics festivals.

You cannot claim to have visited England if you have not been to The Glastonbury Abbey. This is one of the Somerset attractions that serve as a reminder of the monastery that once existed in Glastonbury, Somerset. Visitors explore this church using local guides who explain the historical significance of these ruins leaving the visitors in astonishment.

For history and religion enthusiasts, the Glastonbury Walking Trails must be at the top of your list. This place is believed to have been a spot for pilgrims of different religions in Somerset. Tourists have the freedom to enjoy calm walks or to cycle as they enjoy the nature and wildlife.

The Glastonbury Tor is another Somerset attraction that is believed things to do in Somerset have been a place of pilgrimage for different religions. Today, visitors come here both for the historical significance as well as the breathtakingly beautiful view of the beautiful hills.

Being a rural county, visitors can expect to enjoy mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing or ballooning. However, the town of Somerset surpasses these expectations, offering entertainment theatres, open-air concerts, various amusement arcades and even trendy night clubs. Visitors, therefore, expect to fully enjoy themselves since there is something for everyone.