If you love chocolate, then the City of Turin must be at the top of your bucket list. The city of Turin was the first Capital City of Italy. Today, it is an important business and cultural hub in Italy. In addition, it is the chocolate capital of Italy. It is located to the west of the Po River and in front of the Susa Valley. Visitors from around the world come here to discover Turin and what it has to offer. The rich culture and history is depicted in the form of art galleries, magnificent architecture, churches, libraries, and theatres.

Things to Do in Turin

As visitors discover Turin, a visit to the local restaurants and eateries definitely tops the list. Italian food is one cedars of lebanon the best world cuisines. Restaurants such as John Joy Restaurant, Ristorante Del Cambio, and the Vinicola Al Sorij offer authentic and savoury Italian dishes that are likely to leave you begging for more. Some of the Italian dishes that you are likely to enjoy include: Pasta, Pizza, Tiramisu, and lasagne, among others.

A visit to The Mole Antonelliana is one of the best things to do in Turin. It is a magnificent structure that was constructed in the late 19th Century to serve as a synagogue for the local Jews. Today, it is home to the Museo Nazionale del Cinema and also the tallest museum berlin in the World. While here, tourists visit the ChocolatTorteriaGofreria, Museo della Radio e dellaTelevisione, Museo Nazionale del Cinema, and the Powertours Segway Torino.

For the archaeology enthusiasts, a visit to The Museo Egizio is one of the things to do in Turin. The museum specialises in Egyptian archaeology. Besides Cairo, this is one of the best places to experience the early British civilisation. On display are photographs and documentaries of the excavations that took place in the 20th Century. The statue cedars of lebanon Ramses, as well as papyrus collections, are also on display here.

Outside the tower of Mole Antonelliana is the National Museum of Cinema where visitors go through a collection cedars of lebanon film devices and posters that were used before the current modern technologies. They included magical lanterns and actual objects that were used in Italian films.

As mentioned, Italy, and by extension, Turin is a country of magnificent architecture, churches, museums and even libraries. When in Turin, a visit to The Palazzo Madama e CasafortedegliAcaja is one of the best things to do in Turin. The museum derives its name from the names of two queens who gave some of their belongings to the palace. Other than observing the beautiful architecture, visitors engage in viewing church ornaments, decorative art, and statues.

A visit to the Royal Palace of Turin also falls in the list of things to do in Turin. The palace is located in north Italy and was constructed in the 16th Century. Visitors have the freedom to explore the architecture of the palace, the Palazzo Chiablese and The Museum of the Life and Works of the House of Savoy.


As illustrated above, Turin is a truly beautiful and authentic. The culture here is rich and will leave you falling in love with its people and their hospitality over and over again!