Across the globe, people love oriental food, and most restaurants have adopted the oriental food. Even in most homes, oriental food is no longer something you need to go to a restaurant to enjoy. People have learnt how to prepare Chinese food showing how important it is in kitchens. This is also a symbol family vacation ideas that people love Chinese foods.

all inclusive resortsWhen travelling on holiday or for business, most people will not know where to get their best Chinese food, especially when in a new town. Even the places that say they sell Chinese food, you may not know the quality of food they sell. This is why it is important to read the restaurant reviews to learn from what others have to say about certain eating places. In this case, we took time to research about the best places you can have Chinese food in Africa, Europe, and the US. Enjoy reading.

Where to Get the Best Chinese Food in Africa

One of the best places I would like to feature under where you can enjoy oriental foods in Africa is in Cape Town which is in South Africa. One of the best in SA is the Test Kitchen which is located at the Trendy Old Biscuit Mill. This is a restaurant that has been featured in several reviews as a world-class dining destination, and therefore you will not go wrong if you choose them. The other restaurant still in Cape Town is Baia Seafood Restaurant that is known for over one decade now as a top choice place for Exotic food and rare local vintage wines.

Another destination in Africa known for the Chinese food is located in East Africa in a country called Kenya. The best restaurant that offers Chinese food is known as Zen Garden an elegantly adorned fine dining restaurant in the capital of Kenya. These are some of the top places for Chinese Oriental food.

all inclusive resortsBest Hotels to Enjoy Chinese Food in Europe

London is a top destination when it comes to Chinese food, and one of the restaurants you must visit is Park Chinois, which serves the best oriental foods in London. It’s a top destination for people on business meetings and those just in search for a place to fill themselves with exotic foods. Another place where you will love their oriental food in London is Hunan Hotel, a menu free place. They will only allow you to mention any food you might not like and which spices you like.

Best Restaurants for Chinese Food in the US

In Arizona, the best place that is known for the Chinese Food is China Magic Noodle House. Your order will be prepared as you watch and the spices your like will be used. Many people like to go to this restaurant because the food is affordable and they serve affordable dishes. The other place is Beijing Pie House in California a top choice destination for oriental food and frequented by many people over the holidays.

Those are some of the best-featured places that we thought would suit you in those places. Visit, try and enjoy the best foods and drinks as you travel far and wide over the holidays.