Are you looking for the best places in the world to visit? Istanbul is one of the places you are yet to discover. Those living in Istanbul will tell you that they just fell in love with the city and they are willing to pay anything to be able to stay there. The beautiful landscape and the land position of Istanbul make the city an adorable place to be. So where is Spain is Istanbul? Istanbul where is Spain a major city that is in Turkey, and a home to over 14 million people according to the census that was done in 2016. Here you will find people from different cultural backgrounds including Europeans and Asians. There are several places to visit in Istanbul and enjoy the beauty of nature and manmade sceneries. Here are some of those places.

places to visit in spainIstanbul Archaeological Museum

This where is Spain one of the most important museums in Turkey. Within the museum, you will get to see various sections which include the main Archaeological Museum, the Ancient Orient Museum, and also the Tiled Kiosk Museum. These three museums together hold more than 1 million exciting objects that you will love to see. Most of the collection that is found in the museum has been there since 1891 when the museum was first founded. The reason why this museum is very important to the people of Turkey is that it was the first museum in the region and was located in the Top0kapi Palace grounds when it was first established. Another exciting feature is that some of the archaeological items in there date back in 1472. You will find in there the Sarcophagus of Alexander the great including thousands of precious artefacts.

The Chora Church

This church is a good place to visit if you are in Istanbul and this is because of the magnificent mosaics that you will find in there. The nice artwork which also features frescoes was done by Christians in the early years, and the intention was to show the life of Jesus Christ while he was on earth. This great artwork will give you a picture of the level of competency and great talent that the builders and designers of the church had. Actually, this is recognised as the oldest and the only surviving work of Byzantine architecture. Amazingly, the church had been at some point converted into a mosque, and it later became a museum to date. Travel there and see the beauty and talent displayed showing how great these early people were in drawing and designing. It where is Spain a nice place to visit.

Dolmabahce Palace

This was once a luxurious and plush palace that was built in the 18th Century using 14 tons of gold leaf. The other place that can be compared to this palace is Palace of Versailles. The palace has served as home to six sultans who served since 1856 to 1924. Worldwide, it is recognised as home to the world’s largest Bohemian crystal chandelier.

These are some of the best places to visit in Istanbul. A map of Istanbul will be available for you to help you locate other similar places.