Internet Marketing

iBusiness Promoter

iBusiness Promoter  is one of the key players in the industry and it has certainly made a lot of internet marketers sit up and take notice. Also known as Arelis, it can take you from the back pages of Google to the first page. It does not promise bucket loads of traffic, instead it promises to get you customers and increased sales through quality traffic. The tools that the software

Site Sell Services

This is a completely different concept to all other web marketing tools, in that you actually use a human being to do it all for you. Site Sell services promise to make you a website and then go on to the process of building your business for you. So what are the choices available to you? Well they are not cheap but remember this is not software that you download

StomperNet By Brad Fallon And Andy Jenkins

Brad Fallon co-founded StomperNet with Andy Jenkins, and it is the leading membership-based Internet Marketing training program. Members  get information directly from  people who have made a killing in sales during the last few years, such as Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins themselves, as well as Andy Edmonds and Jerry West. The program teaches its members how to successfully start, grow, and explore their business online. Topics covered by the

Google Cash System 3rd Edition By Chris Carpenter

Google Cash System, which is an eBook (in PDF format) on Google Adwords, was Chris Carpenter’s first product. It introduces the concept that involved making money by advertising affiliate websites on pay-per-click engines (mostly Google Adwords). In the last edition – Google Cash System 3rd edition, Chris Carpenter revealed more advanced tactics for his readers, to catch up with the rules frequently changed by Google. The book mainly describes how

Internet Marketing Empire By Chris Freville

In June 2010, Chris Freville released the Internet Marketing Empire to teach his students how to get started building their own Internet Marketing business from the very beginning to end. It is an in-depth course that starts from the basic and slowly works toward the more advanced techniques hence can be used for both beginners and more advanced marketers. In the course, Chris Freville even reveals the secret blueprint he

Consumer Wealth System By Daniel Turner & Marc Lindsey

Consumer Wealth System is the course created by Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsey, who have proven their reputation over and over again throughout the years by helping their customers finally succeed online. While most of the existing online money making systems are trying to focus on promoting usual info and software based products, where already have tons of competitors in the market; Consumer Wealth System chooses to be a complete

Traffic Omega By Desmond Ong

In May 2010, Desmond Ong launched  the new product, Traffic Omega, a complete training on traffic generation. It is a platform where members learn ideas about how to get traffic online month in and month out. Traffic Omega is a 5 weeks training course. By joining the course, students will get 5 training modules and gain access to 1 module per week. The 5 week modules are: Week 1: In

E-Filtrate By Dori Friend

Dori Friend understands that email marketing is an integral part of Internet Marketing. It is very important for email marketers with legitimate opt-in lists to make sure that their messages can get through to their target customers. Therefore, Dori Friend developed E-filtrate, which is a membership based email delivery optimization system that will optimize emails by bypassing filters and getting emails through spam blockers. Once members subscribe to the system,

Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 (PPCF2) By Gauher Chaudhry

Gauher Chaudhry’s Pay Per click Formula 2.0, a comprehensive home study course, was launched in March, 2009. It is an updated version of original Pay per Click Formula 1.0. The course focuses on teaching people how to buy traffic from pay per click search engine (e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN), and drive that targeted traffic to cost-per-action offers and get paid a commission every time someone fills out a lead. The

Micro Niche Finder Version 5 By James Jones

Micro Niche Finder version 5, released in April 2010, is one of James Jones’ most famous software developments. It is a market research tool that helps business find the best markets with very little competition, and also allows businesses to target keywords that can get ranked easily on search engines. Micro Niche Finder is capable of providing users all the data, such as the number of times a certain keyword/phrase