Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is a cosmopolitan city in the heart of the Arabian Gulf. It is located in the far west and southwest part of the United Arab Emirates along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf. As the capital city, it is the commercial and business centre of UAE, and in the recent past, one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world. It is home to some of the best architectural fetes and a classic example of proper urban city planning. In addition, it is a map istanbul major cultural and political centre.

where is istanbulEvery year, millions of tourists visit this city to discover Abu Dhabi. These tourists arrive by air using airlines such as Qatar, Emirates, Etihad, and Turkish Airlines, among many others. Upon arrival at the Abu Dhabi International Airport, visitors either use the public buses or taxis to get to their desired destination. Others arrive on cruise ships where they dork at the state-of-the-art Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal.

where is istanbul to Stay

Tourists who come to discover Abu Dhabi either stay at furnished apartments such as Bin Majid Hotel Tower and Apartments and villas, or at world-class hotels such as the Marriott Hotel Downton, Rosewood, Indigo-Beach Rotana, Southern Sun, Emirates Palace Hotel and Yas Viceroy, all in Abu Dhabi. These hotels are some of the best luxury hotels, and they offer exquisite and map istanbul fine dining, elegant accommodation and state-of-the-art amenities for both business and leisure travellers.

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During their stay, the visitors take part in Abu Dhabi sightseeing. They enjoy the breath-taking views of the clear skies, the year-round sunshine, the magnificent dunes, the wonderful beaches, the Yas Water world, the Ferrari formula one stadium, and the desert rose tour and safari experience.

At sunrise and sunset, tourists have an opportunity to take a calm and relaxing walk at the Corniche Abu Dhabi. This is a walk that provides tourists with a unique and scenic view of the city, forming part of the Abu Dhabi sightseeing experience.

In a bid to further discover Abu Dhabi, tourists visit the local restaurants to have a taste of the local cuisine, which consists of Emirati and Gulf food. These local restaurants use fresh produce and local spices to produce scrumptious dishes. Some of the meals served in restaurants include lamb, chicken, and aromatic rice, among others. The restaurants employ the concept of hospitality and generosity to ensure clients’ satisfaction.

Museums in Abu Dhabi

Tourists are also interested in visiting the museums in Abu Dhabi which represent the rich cultural heritage of the area. Some of these museums include Zayed National Museum, Louvre Abu Dhabi, and Guggenheim, to name a few. These museums describe the history of Abu Dhabi and its people hence helping the tourists discover Abu Dhabi even more.