It’s a job description you wouldn’t expect to see in 2015, and yet, one web design company in Ontario, Canada, has hearkened back to the “Mad Men” era with a particularly sexist job description.

The job duties for a content writer/SEO specialist position posted about two weeks ago on Vestra Inet’s LinkedIn page include fairly standard things like “Writing website content for new clients” and “Making blog posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.”

However, fastest seo a special note at the bottom of the description says the position requires filling in the responsibilities of a receptionist, “so female candidates are preferred.”


Unsurprisingly, people have already taken to Twitter to air their grievances:

I used to work for #vestrainet. I handled all the SEO, a team of marketers, HR, and the sales team’s schedules. I am NOT surprised at all.

— Meg Fenway (@megfenway) November 23, 2015