Clearly there are countless numbers of questions out there on sanding wood floors in Edinburgh I’m absolutely sure its the exact same everywhere you go. Nevertheless, some of the issues make for a lot more interesting answers and I will be answering them here:

one: How A lot of Periods Can my Ground Be Sanded?

There is no definitive reply to this issue, because it relies upon on so quite a few variables: the rationale for sanding is there a deep gouge we are getting out, the individual who does the sanding how tough are they urgent and quite a few other issues can have an impact on it.

Even so, the major information for how many situations a floor can be sanded is the thickness of the wooden earlier mentioned the leading of the groove (as in tongue and groove), flooring of 18mm thickness are assumed to stand up to three sandings, and based mostly on that we can judge that flooring of 24mm can get four sandings, flooring of 12mm thick can get 2 and so on.

2: Can Engineered Flooring Be Sanded?

In a term: Sure! If you have any type of inquiries regarding where and ways to use slibe gulv, you can contact us at our own page. For individuals that really don’t know, engineered flooring is a area layer of good wooden, with engineered ply beneath. Engineered flooring has occur on leaps and bounds in the previous number of decades, and the prime engineered models now have a area (sound-wood) layer of up to a quarter inch thick. Those who compensated interest above will know that this usually means it will stand up to one sanding (presuming there are no deep gouges etc). A person won’t seem like a ton, but specified that engineered flooring is a fraction of the expense of strong wooden flooring, and that a wood floor can past about ten many years with out needing to be sanded (if appropriately cared for) this makes engineered flooring fantastic benefit for cash.

three: What Grade of Sand Paper Need to I Use?

Set simply: all of them. You get started off with the roughest quality (36), sand the flooring, arrive down to the subsequent roughest grade (60), sand the floor once more and have on until you get to the very best grade of sand paper (a hundred).

four: Can I Not Sand my Ground By Hand?

In a word: Indeed! But sanding an full floor Four occasions is a lengthy approach, the total length of which you will be on your fingers and knees with a bent again, as you can imagine this places an amazing strain on your back again and is not for the faint hearted (not intended virtually). It is also difficult to get an even end.

5: Can I Use a Drum Sander?

Of course, a drum sander can be made use of but it is tough to get an even complete, and so it is a much better plan to use a modern orbital sander. Our sanding contractors use dustless sanding machines, exclusively built for sanding wooden floors.